Friday, August 29, 2014

Help! How do I begin cloth diapering my baby?

There are many reasons why parents choose to cloth diaper their baby, some may include:
  • Financial 
  • Rash/Skin Issues
  • Waste Reduction
  • Smell Reduction
  • Searching for a more adorable option
  • and each family may have more personal reasons as well!
Sometimes it's best to try to figure out WHY you want to cloth diaper, and I can help you determine the right path.  For example, a family looking to reduce their diapering costs, might want to look at flats and prefolds (or if they have an abundance of old t-shirts, and then they would just need the waterproof outer, a cover).  I can usually get a family cloth diapering for around $100 - $150 from birth to just about potty training, choosing simple prefolds and inexpensive covers.

A family looking to reduce rashes, may prefer to a)make sure there is a stay dry lining between the baby and absorbent part of the diaper or b)eliminate the synthetic materials entirely from the diaper so that baby's bottom has more air flow.  Option A can be achieved with many types of diapers, mainly pockets and AIO(all in ones), or by adding a microfleece liner to a natural fiber diaper.  Option B is easily remedied by choosing natural fiber diapers, most styles of cloth diapers can come with natural fiber inners.  An added 'breathable' option would be to choose a wool cover instead of a PUL (polyurethane laminate) cover or shell.

Waste and smell reduction can be eliminated with just about any choice of cloth diaper.  But the first two reasons I mentioned, I've noticed that those are the most likely reasons a family might need to make the switch.  Of course, some of us - and I won't name names...ahem, just choose cloth diapers because they are so cute!  Well, the stink elimination was a HUGE bonus for my husband, so that was a win!

So - final thought - decide your reason why you want to cloth diaper, then we can go full force with the best option to suit your family.  I want you to be successful!  If you are local to the San Diego County area, and need some personal consultation time, sign up here.  For a low cost of $15, I will help you find the right options for you.  The $15 is returned to you in store credit for your first purchase!

Peace, Love, and Cloth Diapers!
Rachel D.


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