Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Speaking Up - possibly a series?

The other day, I was shown some screenshots of a conversation.  The conversation was not nice at all.  And it was allowed to continue on over 100+ comments.  It was mean.  It was ugly.

It hurt me, even though I was not mentioned (to my knowledge) directly in the comments.  It was hard to not take it more personally, but I was able to pull my big girl britches up, and shake it off.

Not everyone can.

What was bothersome the most to me, was that this hurtful conversation was made by mothers.  Mothers with babies.  We usually hear about cyber-bullying on the news from horrific incidents about teenagers.  I'm starting to wonder where these teenagers are learning this cyber-bullying behavior from.  It's not so much that they are being taught TO bully, but they are visualizing this daily on the internet.  Being shown that it is fun and okay to mock other people who are not there to defend themselves.  It's not okay.

Now, you may say, "it wasn't cyber-bullying because it wasn't about you!"  True that it wasn't about me personally, but it was still bully behavior, unkind, and had zero purpose - about something that I care about.  The only thing it did was reinforce a violent environment with the idea that that behavior was completely acceptable.

The real problem for this behavior spills out from that conversation or aggressive environment.  It infiltrates other conversations and peaceful environments.  These mothers have been applauded for poor behavior when others have joined them, so they now feel superior to those who think differently.  This is not okay.  And I will not stand for it.  I will not allow this type of behavior to infiltrate peaceful conversations.

I encourage everyone who engages in any type of conversation to look in to Non Violent Communication(aff. link).  It can be life changing with how you communicate with those around you.  From other parents on the internet, your child's teacher, your doctor, and yes, even your in-laws or exes, you too, can learn to communicate with purpose AND kindness.  

I do have more to say about this topic, as this behavior and now lies, are continuing.  But for now, these things need to be said.

Until next time...

Peace, Love, Cloth Diapers and Babywearing!
Rachel D.