Friday, August 29, 2014

Help! How do I begin cloth diapering my baby?

There are many reasons why parents choose to cloth diaper their baby, some may include:
  • Financial 
  • Rash/Skin Issues
  • Waste Reduction
  • Smell Reduction
  • Searching for a more adorable option
  • and each family may have more personal reasons as well!
Sometimes it's best to try to figure out WHY you want to cloth diaper, and I can help you determine the right path.  For example, a family looking to reduce their diapering costs, might want to look at flats and prefolds (or if they have an abundance of old t-shirts, and then they would just need the waterproof outer, a cover).  I can usually get a family cloth diapering for around $100 - $150 from birth to just about potty training, choosing simple prefolds and inexpensive covers.

A family looking to reduce rashes, may prefer to a)make sure there is a stay dry lining between the baby and absorbent part of the diaper or b)eliminate the synthetic materials entirely from the diaper so that baby's bottom has more air flow.  Option A can be achieved with many types of diapers, mainly pockets and AIO(all in ones), or by adding a microfleece liner to a natural fiber diaper.  Option B is easily remedied by choosing natural fiber diapers, most styles of cloth diapers can come with natural fiber inners.  An added 'breathable' option would be to choose a wool cover instead of a PUL (polyurethane laminate) cover or shell.

Waste and smell reduction can be eliminated with just about any choice of cloth diaper.  But the first two reasons I mentioned, I've noticed that those are the most likely reasons a family might need to make the switch.  Of course, some of us - and I won't name names...ahem, just choose cloth diapers because they are so cute!  Well, the stink elimination was a HUGE bonus for my husband, so that was a win!

So - final thought - decide your reason why you want to cloth diaper, then we can go full force with the best option to suit your family.  I want you to be successful!  If you are local to the San Diego County area, and need some personal consultation time, sign up here.  For a low cost of $15, I will help you find the right options for you.  The $15 is returned to you in store credit for your first purchase!

Peace, Love, and Cloth Diapers!
Rachel D.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Why I joined the Real Diaper Association

When I first started cloth diapering back in 2008, I found the local community lacking support.  Sure, there were two local retailers.  But one was small and not set up for support or the best customer service, and the other was far from me and did not have the customer service or selection I was seeking either.  Of course I had online blogs and parenting forums like good ol' BabyCenter, but found there was lots of conflicting information and not to mention the Pampers debacle(which added to my ban on Proctor & Gamble products ever entering my home!) So, Google and I became BFFs.

Quickly, I found the San Diego Real Diaper Circle led by Heather McNamara, the Executive Director at the time for the Real Diaper Association.  It was a small Yahoo! group of a little over 100 people if I remember correctly(SDRDC is now on Facebook with over 1300 members).  I was shy and didn't post much, but read up on what they talked about, and finally got the nerve to drive down 45 minutes for a meeting at the old Java Mama location.  It was a little chaotic and and maybe even 'clique-y' at first, but Heather was very warm and inviting and helped me feel 'at home'.

I had only been cloth diapering for a short time, but looked further into the Real Diaper Association to see what I could do to help.  After all, I was bored with my new found role as SAHM, I needed something more.  Then, I saw it.  I could become a LEADER!  That was perfect for me.  I felt confident in my choice to cloth diaper my son (after all it was easy peasy lemon squeezy!), and was ready to take on the search for more evidence based information and share it.  I signed up, paid my dues, and the ball was rolling.  Soon, Heather contacted me for my first volunteer interview to make sure I was a good match to represent the organization.  She felt confident that I was and advised me on the next step, which was to read the book NonViolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg.  That is a MAJOR part of becoming a RDA Circle Leader.  It is very important for each leader to read, and re-read this book so that we can communicate compassionately and be heard.

I'll be honest, I read the book quickly, but I'm terrible at writing (can you tell!?)  So I struggled with the workbook assignment to go along with it.  It was a while till I was 'officially' accredited by the RDA, but I was hosting classes for the RDA spreading the message in a 'NVC' way.  Heather saw that, and took it to the Board of Directors asking for me to be accredited anyway.  They agreed, and I've been promoting RDA since.

In the beginning of 2013, I was asked to join the Board of Directors for the Real Diaper Association.  Having never been on a Board before, I was hesitant because I wasn't sure of the responsibility of a Board Member.  I could only imagine what I saw in the movies with big tables and presentations, and my biggest fear...pant suits.  HA!  The RDA is far from that, we communicate online, conference calls, and my favorite, Google Hangouts.  We are comfortable in our street clothes, work clothes, and don't tell anyone else, my pajamas!  We work toward finding evidence based information about cloth diapering, talk about fundraising opportunities like the Great Cloth Diaper Change and School of Cloth, and discover ways to inspire volunteers.

This year, the Real Diaper Association is celebrating it's 10th year!  How exciting is that!?  I'm proud to be a part of this organization, and am thankful for all that it has taught me.  From communicating in a compassionate way, from respecting evidence based information, to realizing my own passions - even finding my own hang ups so I can work on those, too!

Please join the RDA and help us promote cloth diapering!  Read the RDA Mission statement here:

Peace, Love, and Cloth Diapers!
Rachel D.

Friday, August 8, 2014

How and why, did Rock Easy Diaper Company begin?

Recently, I was given a task to reconnect with why I started Rock Easy Diaper Company.  And I thought in honor of celebrating our 5 year anniversary, I needed to tackle it NOW.  I've thought a lot about this the past week and it comes down to...


I love giving guidance and encouragement to you on cloth diapering.  I love teaching you the benefits of choosing cloth diapers.  I love showing the amount of money you can save with a simple diapering choice.  I also love showing off new products that are Made in the USA, because that is important to me.

I love giving (and receiving) hugs from fellow moms who may (or may not be) struggling with parenthood.  I love knowing that there is a world of moms (and dads) out there that are crossing the same bridge I did last week, or already crossed a street I am about to.  We can all share our experiences and learn from them.  I love that REDC has given me these opportunities for personal growth.  I would not have this without...


And you.  And you over there.

It comes down to REDC wasn't ALL about cloth diapers when we started.  It was about community, personal interactions, meeting new people, making more friends (oh how I have!), educating new parents, and yes, giving hugs.  I love to give hugs!

I want you to know I care about you and your family.  That's what REDC is all about.

I hope the next few years I will meet more of you.  Just don't be worried when I move in for a hug!

Peace, Love, and Cloth Diapers~
Rachel D.