Monday, April 16, 2012

Real Diaper Week - The Great Cloth Diaper Change!

Monday: Real Simple Real Diaper Outreach

Today, to kick of Real Diaper Week, I did the following:

●     Invite a friend to the Great Cloth Diaper Change, and let them borrow a cloth diaper (or three!) to use.

And now for the rest of the week!

Tuesday: Real Simple Real Diaper Waste Reduction

●     I will be calling our local waste disposal company to see if I can get an official statement from them to support cloth diapers.  I will also copy a section of their newsletter from a few years ago, and posting it for others to see.
●     Wear this pin “Ask me about Cloth Diapers!” or

Wednesday: Real Simple Real Diaper Savings

●     Contact a local community action agency that provides family support services and offer to teach a simple cloth diaper class for low income families on a budget.  The agency I am choosing to call is the local InterFaith group in Escondido.
●     I hope to schedule a small group of moms to have a  "Make your Diapers" session.
●     Cloth Diapering on a budget - I will post up a few packages of budget cloth diapers.
●     Wear this pin “Ask me about Cloth Diapers!” or

Thursday: Real Simple Real Diapers for Babies

●     I will be contacting a childbirth educator at the hospital I gave birth in to ask about adding in an introduction to cloth diapers section in her class.  I will let her know she can get a demo kit to demonstrate cloth diapers to her clients from the Real Diaper Industry Association:
●     Wear this pin “Ask me about Cloth Diapers!” or

Friday: Real Simple Real Diaper Reuse

●      I am going to list all of the reusable products I have already changed in my life, and find at least 5 more I can change.  I will share this information with friends with how to go about the change!
●     Wear this pin “Ask me about Cloth Diapers!” or


●     Bring a friend to the Great Cloth Diaper Change!  I'm already working on getting a few NEW to cloth friends to join us.  Most of my friends already use cloth, so this is a definite challenge.
●     Wear this pin “Ask me about Cloth Diapers!” or

Please share with me any ideas you have spreading the cloth diaper love!  I really feel that if we all work toward the same goal, we will really be able to make a difference for our world, and for our children!

Much love ~