Friday, January 21, 2011

**CLOSED** 600 Fan Giveaway!

Drawing one winner out of 116 comments....

Winner is post #111
snyder_crystal said...
Facebook fan Crystal K. S.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us at our new Facebook home for Rock Easy Diaper Company!  I plan on doing a giveaway EVERY 100 fans - so keep spreading the word and they'll keep coming!

For this giveaway, I've decided I'm going to give a lucky winner a dozen of my new wipes that I've started making.  I've been hearing such good things about the tester wipes I sent out with orders over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and I want to share them even more!

**These may or may NOT be the wipes the winner(s) will receive!**

These wipes are double sided flannel in awesome prints with coordinating solid flannel and matching serged edges.  They measure approximately 8.5"x8.5", and are personally hand made by me every step of the way.

To enter this giveaway is easy, and extra entries can be gained several ways!

First mandatory entry:  Make sure you are a fan of REDC on Facebook - post here that you are with your first name and last initial(s).  One time please.

Extra entry:  Post a status on your Facebook page to your friends(make sure to allow your post to be seen on our page by editing the security on that post where the little lock icon is to:  Everyone)  One time please.

Extra entry:  Tweet our Facebook page along with this blog post - feel free to get creative!!  Post the tweet link here.  We are _Rock_Easy_ on Twitter - so follow us there, too!  Once daily please.

Extra entry:  Follow our blog thru Google Friend Connect (GFC)!  Post that you do.

Extra entry:  Become a REDC affiliate if you have a blog of your own! It's easy!  You will earn 5% of each qualified order placed thru our link on your blog.  Sign up here.

Extra entry:  Make a purchase of at least $20 between now and the end of the giveaway and gain 2 extra entries!  Just post your order #!

I'll draw the winner via on 1/28/11.  If, by chance, we happen to get to 700 fans before then, I'll pull a 2nd winner for another dozen wipes!

Thank you all for your support and patronage over the past year & a half!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

::CLOSED 1/12/11:: First Facebook Fan Giveaway at 500 fans!


Julie said...

I'm a fan of REDC and BB on Facebook!
emailed edited out

Thanks to Melinda at Buddha Bunz, we are holding our first giveaway tonight!  Giveaway is open to both US and Canada - so make sure to keep telling your friends about us!  I will draw a winner via on 1/12 at approximately 6 pm Pacific.

A pair of dryer balls will go to one lucky fan of Rock Easy Diaper Company!  You will even have your choice of scent!  Isn't Melinda awesome!

This is super easy to enter...just make sure to post ONCE here on the blog, that you are a fan of Rock Easy Diaper Company on Facebook!  It would be best if you included your email address as well, in this format:  you AT me DOT com.  Just to keep those pesky robots away from your email address!

My review of Buddha Bunz dryer balls:

Now, I started out with 2 dryer balls when I met up with Melinda on about 2 years ago.  It's been so long I don't even remember what scent I had them scented with!  All I know is that they smelled DEEEEEE-LIGHTFUL!  I had currently been using those pokey blue dryer balls commonly found at your local Bed, Bath & Beyond store.  They were awful.  They made so much noise and I felt they were beating up the inside of my dryer!  Absolutely unacceptable to me.  So, when I found Melinda, I immediately made an order for two, to replace the two plastic ones I had.  Boy, was I ever glad I did!!  They were quiet, they smelled amazing (and my dryer vent is right outside my front door, so I'll leave my front door open so it will also scent the house!)  And best of all, they really helped to break up the wad of clothes in the dryer so they dried better and faster.  Now, I'll be honest...I'm a big stickler about I do still use a dryer sheet occasionally (not on my diapers, of course!)  I think the amount of static one experiences can depend on your location...are you in a humid environment or dry environment?  It tends to get dry where I live here in beautiful sunny San Diego, so that may be why I deal with it more than others.  I do give them a little bit of a shave if I get annoyed with the pilling that occurs...however, it's not really a big deal.

Now back on track...of course, I needed more.  She posted a special about some second quality dryer balls, and I jumped on them...had them scented with whatever scent I had before, and continued my dryer ball "collection." has gone MIA and I'm not sure where in the world it is, as I leave them in my dryer when I take the clothes out.  I will be going thru my closet to donate some clothes to the local women's shelter soon, and I'm sure I'll find it hiding in a sweatshirt sleeve!  But I do have a little twitch when I see only the 3 in there...I think I may need to get some more!

Luckily, I know where to find some natural unscented ones!
Visit Rock Easy Diaper Company if you'd like to add a few more to your win!

Good luck!

PS...make sure you start following the blog as well, juuust in case I post up a giveaway that I don't post on Facebook or Twitter!  You never can tell with me!  I'm random!

Rock Easy Mama