Friday, August 8, 2014

How and why, did Rock Easy Diaper Company begin?

Recently, I was given a task to reconnect with why I started Rock Easy Diaper Company.  And I thought in honor of celebrating our 5 year anniversary, I needed to tackle it NOW.  I've thought a lot about this the past week and it comes down to...


I love giving guidance and encouragement to you on cloth diapering.  I love teaching you the benefits of choosing cloth diapers.  I love showing the amount of money you can save with a simple diapering choice.  I also love showing off new products that are Made in the USA, because that is important to me.

I love giving (and receiving) hugs from fellow moms who may (or may not be) struggling with parenthood.  I love knowing that there is a world of moms (and dads) out there that are crossing the same bridge I did last week, or already crossed a street I am about to.  We can all share our experiences and learn from them.  I love that REDC has given me these opportunities for personal growth.  I would not have this without...


And you.  And you over there.

It comes down to REDC wasn't ALL about cloth diapers when we started.  It was about community, personal interactions, meeting new people, making more friends (oh how I have!), educating new parents, and yes, giving hugs.  I love to give hugs!

I want you to know I care about you and your family.  That's what REDC is all about.

I hope the next few years I will meet more of you.  Just don't be worried when I move in for a hug!

Peace, Love, and Cloth Diapers~
Rachel D.


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