Friday, September 5, 2014

What is Rachel doing NOW?!

When I first set out to bring cloth diapering goodness to my local community, I never imagined I would soon be participating in the Real Diaper Association as a Circle Leader and Board Member!

But now, I have another organization I am proud to be a part of!  I am now a Board Member (At-Large) for the Real Diaper Industry Association!  I am grateful to Abbie from Mom's Milk Boutique for the nomination to join the RDIA Board.  This is an amazing opportunity to work with and learn from other industry leaders on how best to reach out to cloth diapering parents like you.

I look forward to working with experienced cloth diaper manufacturers like Dennis Frederick of OsoCozy and Charlene Foster of Tiny Tush; and retailers like Abbie from Mom's Milk Boutique and Sara of Ju-Ju Monkey, so we can improve our industry to support your cloth diapering experience!

What would you like me to learn to help you?

Peace, Love, and Cloth Diapers!


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