Sunday, April 3, 2011

**CLOSED - WINNER DRAWN 4/11/11** itti bitti tutto giveaway! For Preorders ONLY!


7. Anonymous said...

2918527 ThNX Rachel! You're the best :)
Melissa C

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE PREORDER OF ITTI BITTI'S!!  Contact me before your next order and I will issue you a special one time discount code to use.  :D

This is a thank you to everyone who placed a preorder for the itti bitti diapers REDC brought on board.  I have placed the order now, so make sure you enter in to win if you did place a preorder.

To enter this giveaway:

1)Use your order number (example:  2912345) and leave that as your comment.  THAT'S IT!! One entry per person/order.  I will verify each entry prior to drawing a winner.

Once the order arrives I will draw a winner through and edit this post, as well as make an announcement on Facebook.  If I receive a tracking number for the distributor, I will post that so everyone knows when the order is scheduled to arrive, and when the winner will be drawn!

The winner will receive their choice of tutto that is in stock, or if the winner ordered a tutto in the preorder, REDC will refund that price.  Winner's choice! 

Rock on...



  1. 2917206
    Thank for the giveaway!!!
    Meagan Riehl

  2. 2918527 ThNX Rachel! You're the best :)
    Melissa C

  3. 2736628! I hope I win! Thnx! BC

  4. Thanks for putting on such great giveaways!! REDC is the best!